13 mai 2018

Maintenant temps de quitter le Nord.... Time to leave the North....

Apres 2 mois et demi en Colombie Brittanique, il est temps de mettre les voiles pour les Marquises. Un petit paradis sur terre la Colombie Brittanique. Tout a portee de main, montagne, ballade, lacs, baignade. Nous profitons d une gentille acclimatation avant de foncer (a l allure de Tonga donc pas trop vite), pour la Polynesie. Une autre aventure, une autre histoire, un autre hemisphere. Quel voyage, quelle experience, que de magnifiques rencontres qui rendent notre aventure tellement riche, une vraie chance de la vie ce voyage. Tout est possible, et tout nous attends, c'est parti!

After 2 months in Bristish Columbia, it is time to say bye bye to the North. A real little paradize  BC: mountains, sea, trails, swimming, fishing wildlife. A pity it is that far from Europe. We just get adjusted in temperature before the big crossing 40 days at sea 3670 miles are waiting for us.
Time for an other experience, so exited too and sad too. It is part of the journey emotion, what a rich experience to manage to travel with our 2 kids meeting so many lands and people. Well see you in one month and 1/2, bye communication for 40 days...

Echo Bay

Sea Lion



27 mars 2018

Eva`s first Blog post

This is How my  strier  hapend  Yesterday  we so  2  sea-line  swimming in the sea .today we went to  the Hot spring a long time init and we play init wen we finish swimming we  will go to the bot Gélinas the picnic out uve the  bot wen we finish the picnic we ded a cwiet time wen we finish or cwiet time we will do in the bot